About us

Globe showing AsiaFestivalAsia made its debut in May 2015. Based in London, FestivalAsia has been the first of its kind in the UK.

FestivalAsia is set apart by any other event through encompassing all Asian Cultures: you will be entertained, moved, enlightened and find information, resources, products, see performances – all in one day, as if you are traveling throughout the whole of Asia in a few hours!

FestivalAsia is accessible to anyone; either interested in Asia, or from the Asian community, or indeed, just curious to know more about the fascinating Asian continent – you will find what you search for at FestivalAsia.

Over the course of three days, the pioneering FestivalAsia will incorporate food, fashion, spirituality, art, music, performance, culture, artefacts, massage stalls, yoga vendors, henna artists, clothes, spices and meditation rooms, plus much more.

FestivalAsia will also have a Performance Stage featuring any array of performers througout the day, a Martial Arts Stage for demonstrations of the many different martial arts disciplines, a Spiritual Room, a Cultural Room and children’s entertainment.

The selected venue for FestivalAsia 2015 was Tobacco Dock, located close to Tower Hill. Over the past few years Tobacco Dock has become a key venue in London, hosting several very popular events (e.g. the Tattoo Convention and the Taste Food festival). FestivalAsia has utilise this beautiful structure to transport our guests to a world away from London and into the Far East – a dream come true.